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Another Fun Week with NPPAOU

We hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed last week's activities. This week, Sony is coming in to talk to NPPAOU. NPPAOU Networking Trip?!?!?

Last Week, Pete Souza visited Ohio University to open his gallery showing and speak to students. VISCOM students enjoyed learning from Pete all week. An outstanding number of students showed up for his presentation on Tuesday, where he spoke about his archives and life experiences.

The next day, he helped NPPAOU students look through their portfolios. That evening, he spoke with students at a PETzza night, where he told life stories and even some funny things about Obama.

We appreciate Pete taking the time to teach students about his experiences. Thank you, VISCOM for allowing us to speak and learn from

Photographs of Pete Souza by Megan Vanvlack and Pearl Spurlock


SONY is coming to Visit Ohio University!

Next week, we are holding an equipment demo with Sony on Tuesday, September 19th, at 7:00 p.m. in RTV 462.

Learn about new Sony gear, or experiment with gear you want to purchase!


Check out all of the new Internship Opportunities!

So many internships have been released this week and will continue to be released in the coming weeks.

Check them out here!

NPPAOU Networking Trip

Who wants to go to Cincinnati?

NPPAOU invites you to join our Networking Trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 17th-18th

We have a few places already confirmed. P&G (commercial/marketing photography), Cincinnati Magazine (magazine photojournalism)

We hope to visit alumni in Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Zoo and E.W. Scripps Company.

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