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Member Spotlight: Emily Hanna

My name is Emily Hanna, I am a senior in VisCom pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Photojournalism. I began my work in DC in the fall of 2022 after getting accepted into the Scripps Semester in DC Program. From there I was a multimedia and creative services intern with C-SPAN. I also did some freelance work at the White House and around the city (protests, events, portraits).

When I came back to Ohio University, I was eager to get back to DC to continue my passion for covering social justice issues. In the summer of 2023, I began an internship with the United States Senate as an Official Senate Photographer. From there I covered Senate hearings, politicians in the Capitol and in their offices, joint sessions, the Senate swamp, press hearings, the Congressional Womens Softball Game, and expanded my knowledge on how the U.S. Government works.

While I was working for the Senate, I also covered a lot of things happening outside of the Supreme Court since a lot of decisions were being made regarding the LGBTQ+ Community, a topic I am very passionate about. As my time at Ohio University comes to an end in May, I look forward to continuing to tell stories and using my work to be an advocate for people, animals, and the planet whether that be back in D.C. or somewhere overseas.

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