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Go Vote, and Capture Democracy!

What is Happening with VISCOM this week?

Go out and Vote by Tuesday the 7th! No matter what you are voting for, stay educated.

Going along with voting, if you are free today, November 7th, please come to the NPPAOU Photo Walk: Election Edition. This is at 6:30 pm on RTV 462, and we will talk about covering elections and then take a photo walk! Please bring your camera to photograph.

Julie Rae Powers to Visit NPPAOU

Julie Rae Powers is a photographer and Instructional Designer based in Columbus, Ohio. Their photographic and written work has focused on family history, coal, Appalachia, the queer “female” gaze, the butch body, and queer chosen families.

Join us next week, November 14, 2023, on RTV 462 at 7PM for a speech and showing of their work.

Check out their work here:

Summer Internship!

Many summer internship and full-time job applications are due very soon! Check out our Internship page to look at all of the internship opportunities. This is continuously updated throughout the semester.

New Exhibit at the Viscom Gallery

Check out the newest exhibit in the VISCOM gallery. The School of Visual Communication Galley, Schoonover Center proudly features an exhibit of MasterClass culinary arts photography by a recent alumnus, Andrew Burkle. The exhibition opens Monday, November 6, with the reception at 6:00 p.m. Andrew will lecture about his work and approach to creating distinctive cuisine imaging at 7:00 in RTV 281.

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