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Member Spotlight: Talitha Maloy

My name is Talitha Maloy and I'm a sophomore studying photojournalism.

This fall semester, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to become a photographer for the D1 men’s hockey team here at OU and it’s taught me so much about myself and photography. When I first started with photography, I never saw myself taking any sports photos, I wasn’t interested in sports and my photographic tastes lay elsewhere in wildlife and nature.

Yet, broadening my horizons and stepping out of my comfort zone has done a lot to improve my skills as a photographer. There are many things that sports photography can teach you and a few of them are: anticipating moments, processing photos more efficiently, and thinking quickly on your feet. These are only three of the multitude of things I have learned through taking pictures for the hockey team all because I took the plunge and tried something new.

Even if it can be a little scary to try new things, it’s much more rewarding to try, fail, learn, and succeed than to never try at all.

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