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Akash Pamarthy inspired by Community

I'm Akash Pamarthy, an MFA student in Communication Media Arts at Scripps College, originally from India. After four years away from home, I returned this summer to work o

n a documentary project in a sensitive communal area. Inspired by news of religious tensions, I aimed to understand the root causes. Initially met with suspicion, I gradually gained trust through repeated visits. Navigating the environment and biases was challenging, and even with some progress, many remained camera-shy. Fearful moments arose, including a near accident with my camera. Despite the hurdles, I cherished the experience in India, which allowed me to document a festival close to my heart in my hometown.

Now, back at Ohio University for my thesis, I'm focusing on the Sikh community in Ohio. My photography delves into the quest for equality and humanity, exploring the intersection of culture, immigration, and identity. Each person I meet and photograph on my journey contributes to my understanding of life's raw beauty. I leave a piece of myself with them, and in return, I gain invaluable insights from these wonderful humans, shaping me into a better person every day.

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