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Member Spotlight: Max Correa

Hi y’all! I’m Max Correa, an M.A. student in the photojournalism program of the School of Visual Communications. I did my undergrad at Appalachian State University in biochemistry and moved towards photojournalism after graduation.

This past summer, I interned at the Winston-Salem Journal in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, where I gained experience covering spot news, working on larger features, and learned a lot about North Carolina’s history and culture in stock car racing and NASCAR. Hours were long, and the frequent heat waves that came through North Carolina were brutal, but the internship helped me get a feeling for assignment work and working under hard deadlines.

My thesis project explores the development and milestones in young Amish men in a community outside of Amesville, Ohio. I built friendships with the ministers of this community while working on a photo essay on Amesville, and learned that the Amesville Amish primarily work in construction or similar fields as opposed to agriculture. While the elders of the community grew up on farms and learned skills specific to farming, their children will have different opportunities in their new home.

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