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What is happening this week with NPPAOU?

Pete Souza, Former White House Photographer, has arrived at Ohio University, Recap of our First Meeting, and Join us for a CPOY editing session with VISCOM faculty.

VISCOM is hosting a former faculty member and white house photographer this week for a week of events!

Monday: Pete will be opening his Gallery at 7 p.m. in Schoonover

Tuesday: Pete Q&A at Baker Ballroom at 7 p.m.

Wednesday: Portfolio Reviews for selected individuals

Pizza Dinner for NPPAOU members

Our First NPPAOU Meeting Recap:

Josh Birnbaum teaches NPPAOU students how to use the checkout room at the first NPPAOU meeting on Tuesday September 5th

Thank you to everyone who came to our events last week. We had so much fun meeting our new members and catching up with our returners. Last week, we hosted a checkout room demo with Josh Birnbaum to teach everyone about the

VISCOM checkout room. Later in the week, we hosted a movie night where we screened The Way I See It.

Join Us for CPOY Editing Sessions:

Next Thursday, we will host an editing session for CPOY, College Photographer of the Year. CPOY is a national competition for photography students, and it is free to enter! We are bringing in faculty members from VISCOM to help edit each student's work. Many of our faculty members have experience with CPOY and hope to help our students.

Sign up here before Tuesday:

Above Image:

Atlanta firefighter Christopher Ingram of Truck 16 carries a ladder back to the truck after working to put out a structure fire on Cairo Street in Atlanta on Thursday, June 16, 2022. The house was unoccupied, though there were initial reports of possible occupants. Chris Day, former VISCOM Grad student

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